Tyler Fernengel BMX Session: Silverdome

Tyler Fernengel – an up and coming BMX star – sessions the abandoned Silverdome in Pontiac, MI, making the desolate stadium his own playground. Fernengel, a native of Wyandotte, Michigan, just south of the Motor City, grew up going the best sports spectaculars at the stadium, and even raced Supercross there as a young boy. At 16, Fernengel turned pro after releasing several web edits detailing his remarkable skills as a street style BMX competitor.

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True North Strong and Free | 4 Below Zero: S2E3

When it comes to Ice Cross Downhill, the fiercest and friendliest rivalry in the past few years has been a tale of Canada v. the USA. The sport has quickly become dominated by the North Americans in the past few seasons, and training for the fastest sport on skates has taken a life of it’s own. Full year round training mixed with a little well intentioned banter between some of the top athletes has increased the competitiveness between the athletes even before the season begins.

Urban Snowmobiling in Saint Paul | Levi LaVallee

Some people see the world as a playground, where anything and everything can and will be a shreddable obstacle. As a kid growing up in Minnesota, Levi LaVallee looked at his state’s capital Saint Paul like a ripe fruit, begging to be plucked...and ripped to shreds on his snowmobile. A land of opportunity that only he could see, it was his mission to take that city over on his trusty sled. Now, he's done it. 

Red Bull Rampage 2015: Claudio Caluori's Scariest Course Preview Ever

When Claudio Caluori arrived at the Rampage venue on Sunday, he felt intimidated. When he climbed to the start gate on the mountain's peak, he was terrified. By day two, Caluori was literally crouched on the razor edge of the top ridge, paralyzed by fear. Luckily for us, he overcame his demons and took "the easiest line down the mountain."

50 mph downhill cycling race in Colorado - Red Bull Road Rage

Red Bull Road Rage is an open format, downhill cycling race where athletes may enter with any type of cycle. Races have taken place all over the world since 2005, including the US, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland and France. Red Bull Road Rage returned to US soil for the first time in seven years in Georgetown, CO.

Red Bull Soapbox applications open for Cincy race

Red Bull Soapbox is one of Red Bull's longest running consumer engagement events around the world. The competition travels to mid and large sized markets, encouraging up to 40 teams of 5 people to race down winding, scenic passes iconic to that area. Red Bull relies on clever, market relevant call-to-action marketing pieces to encourage applications. This Cincinnati piece featured two Ohio greats: Pro Snowboarder Louie Vito and former Bengals player Ickey Woods. 

Thanks for attending Oracle OpenWorld 2016!

Delivering the ultimate cloud experience, Oracle OpenWorld 2016 brought together attendees from all across the globe to celebrate and strive toward success with the cloud.

How To Use The Flash&Go Express

Treatments with the Flash&Go Express device are quick and easy! Learn how to use the hair removal device and you'll be on your way to smooth, hair-free skin.